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Origine du Groupe : Jamaica
Style : Reggae
Sortie : 1978

From http://www.reggae-reviews.com

If Hugh Mundell had lived past, ironically, 1983, there's no telling what his legacy would be today.  Africa Must Be Free By 1983 is simply one of the most remarkable debuts in the history of reggae, considering Mundell was only 16 when it was released.  Guided by the adept hands of Augustus Pablo, he wrote and co-produced all of the songs on this powerful classic.  The potent roots melodies and emotional vocals provided by this prodigy blend beautifully with the robust musical accompaniment from an all-star line-up (Robbie Shakespeare, Jacob Miller, Leroy Sibbles, Augustus Pablo, Earl "Chinna" Smith, Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace, Carlton "Santa" Davis, and more).  While no one track is spectacular, practically all are solid, as they cohere in a prototypical "album album."  Luckily for us listeners, when RAS re-released Africa Must Be Free in 1989, they threw in the equally strong dub version as well.  Although Augustus Pablo's rockers sound runs throughout the dubs (Fans will certainly recognize the music in "Book of Life" and its dub from Jacob Miller's "Keep on Knocking."), he doesn't dominate them with his trademark melodica, allowing Mundell to retain his identity.  Some of the dubs are better than the vocal versions (the dubs of "Jah Will Provide," "Run Revolution a Come," and "Day of Judgement," for example), while a few of the vocal tracks are preferable ("My Mind" and "Africa Must Be Free By 1983").  If you're like me, the track listing of the dub versions may cause some confusion.  Either Mundell named the dubs with the intention to confuse, or the track listing is simply wrong (I vote for the latter.), assuming that "Unity Dub" is supposed to be the title of the dub of "Let's All Unite," "Africa Dub" is supposed to be the dub of "Africa Must Be Free By 1983," "My Mind Dub" is supposed to be the dub of "My Mind," etc.   I list below under "Track Listing" how the songs are listed on the album, but track #9 is actually the dub of "Jah Will Provide" (whatever the title is), #10 is the dub of "Book of Life" (ditto), #11 is "Revolution Dub," #12 is "Judgement Dub," #13 is, um, I'm not sure, #14 is "Unity Dub," #15 is "My Mind Dub," #16 is "Africa Dub," and #17 is again a mystery.   I don't think that tracks 13 and 17 are dubs of anything on Africa Must Be Free; neither sound like "Why Do Black Men Fuss and Fight," the only track without a dub here.  To confuse matters, there is an extra dub (9 dubs, 8 vocal tracks).   Anyway, in the end, all that really matters is that it's all good, whatever the order.


Tracklist :
1. Let's All Unite
2. My Mind
3. Africa Must Be Free By 1983
4. Why Do Black Men Fuss and Fight
5. Book of Life
6. Run Revolution a Come
7. Day of Judgement
8. Jah Will Provide
9. Ital Sip
10. Unity Dub
11. Africa Dub
12. My Mind Dub
13. Western Kingston Style
14. Levi Dub
15. Revolution Dub
16. Judgement Dub
17. Sufferer Dub



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