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Origine du Groupe : U.K
Style : Electro Trip Hop , Downtempo
Sortie : 2005

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Heights of Abraham are Sim Lister, the brains behind 23 Records and once part of the nascent Sheffield scene from the early 80s; vocalist and Lister's old Chakk team-mate Jake Harries; and Steve Cobby, one half of notorious beats & bobs explorers Fila Brazillia and Lister's 23 Records co-conspirator. While they've hardly been twiddling their thumbs, 'Two Thousand and Six', apart from being the first Heights record where everything is under their control, is their first since 'Humidity' (1993) and 'Electric Hush' (1994, re-released on ZTT in 1996). The essence of their previous 'freestyle techno' remains, with fresher focus on accessibility and melody, vocals and more straight song formats. offers Steve. "If anything, we're trying to make a grown up album," offers Steve, "without it being pipe & slippers music. We're still flying the flag for quality and invention, and trying to investigate that massive grey area no-one wants to occupy." There's no denying that Heights of Abraham maximise the conventions of late night tales and 'all-back-to-mine' get-togethers - rivulets of tingling, cyclic keys, soft-top horns and windswept tranquillity. "With chill-out", Steve remarks, "people think you really not meant to listen to it, you put it on as background music. But here, there's a lot to listen to." 'Two Thousand and Six' is therefore a classic, slow-burning soul massage of electric relaxation, continually bobbing between the sticky heat of summer siestas and the nip of the night air. Features 11 tracks including 'Striplight', 'Open Source', 'Western Edge', 'New World City', 'Everybody Knows', 'Intruder' and more.

Tracklist :
1. Intruder (4:35)
2. Striplight (4:50)
3. Bay Systems (5:01)
4. Open Source (5:04)
5. As the Night Descended (5:47)
6. Blackout (4:42)
7. Western Edge (3:16)
8. Silver Waltzers (7:01)
9. New World City (5:01)
10. Alt. Wakiki (5:17)
11. Everybody Knows (4:48)




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