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18 septembre 2012 2 18 /09 /septembre /2012 12:00



Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Electro Dark , Abstract Hip Hop , Experimental
Sortie : 2012

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From http://shop.thecontentlabel.com

Two Years in the making, this project is a multi-movement sound-scape that touches on the contrasting themes of life (sadness, happiness, courage, fear, etc).

We set sail deep within the psyche with the drum heavy accordion screamer “The Devil is a Dancer”. Here, Porter takes his trademark emotionally driven production to new heights with the use of his own voice in the form of a sea shanty. We reach the shore but soon travel “Over the Mountains, Through the Jungle, And into the Cave”. Resting in an acoustic haze we find moments of pure psychedelic bliss.

Joyful moans turn to anxious shrieks as we follow the hypnotic rhythms and discover “The Piper is a Madman”. The vinyl version of the project ends with the epic “Ask her nicely and she’ll show you the scars” and as the title suggests, its layers are memorable and more than skin deep.

Tracklist :
1. The Devil Is A Dancer 08:13
2. Over The Mountains, Through The Jungle, And Into The Cave 05:34
3. The Piper Is A Madman 05:43
4. Ask Her Nicely and She’ll Show You The Scars 07:36
5. Forget (Digital Only) 05:03
6. Kiss The Pretty Ones Goodbye (Digital Only) 5:52
7. Ask Her Nicely and She’ll Show You The Scars (Yppah remix) (Digital Only) 04:31 
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