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Origine du Groupe : Grece
Style : Electro , Dub Techno
Sortie : 2012

From http://www.experimedia.net

Traces is Fluxion's second album on Echocord. This work is about his travels in music -- the sounds, influences and aesthetics of his actual travels, expectation-journey-destination, alongside the musical influences deriving from them. Through his prism, those sounds, pictures, travels, emotions, etc., left traces of new directions, of future journeys to take. Fluxion captured the motion in his travels with a different feeling on each track. "No Man Is An Island" is an unreleased Dennis Brown vocal version -- an influential song with a clear message. "Desert Nights" evokes desert rock meeting dub in a road movie. "Stations" tells of that special place between destinations -- always a feeling of something promising. "Butiama" is an actual place, where variations and consistency in rhythm is within people's DNA. "Migration" is a new, promising start. These 11 tracks have been carefully selected, opening the dub spectrum as well as reaching other uncharted territories. After a decade in the field of dub, techno and ambient, Fluxion expands his horizons with music that will not fall under one specific territory.

Tracklist :
01. Motion 1 6:21
02. No Man Is An Island (feat. Dennis Brown) 7:09
03. Desert Nights 8:10
04. Eruption 8:50
05. Statons 8:39
06. Motion 3 8:32
07. Memba 5:57
08. Burst Mode (Edit) 2:50
09. Butiama 7:02
10. Migration 6:23
11. Motion 2 (Edit) 2:44

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