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Origine du Groupe : Germany
Style : Folk , Soul , Alternative
Sortie : 2012

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From http://www.sonarkollektiv.com

Of the many words that one might choose to define FETSUM’s long awaited debut perhaps the most accurate is ‘global’. It’s an adjective that not only summarises the sound that he has fashioned since he first started writing, but also his background. FETSUM’s parents were Eritrean revolutionists but he was born in Cairo after his mother had to flee because of a battlefield injury. After 18 months they moved to Rome for several years before heading on to Stuttgart, Germany.

It was during these formative years that FETSUM developed his love for music (from Bob Marley to Donny Hathaway and Bob Dylan) and tried to find his own voice – first in German and later in English. "It was a complete rational consideration. I always wanted to reach as many people as possible with my music. My lyrics shouldn't be only understood in these parts but all around the world."

His self declared "Urban Folk" soon proved popular. The German tabloid BILD celebrated his impressive voice and none other than reggae star Patrice began to support him after hearing his music. First by taking him on tour as opening act several times, then as a guest in his own Supow Studio in Cologne. Here FETSUM started to record his debut "The Colors Of Hope". An album rich in years of experience and astonishing maturity. Over the last three years the now Berlin-based musician shared stages with international and national acts like Estelle, K'NAAN, Peter Fox, Soehne Mannheims, Cassandra Steen and - as mentioned - Patrice. These treasures of practical experiences and also the touching story of his own and his family's life fully shine through in this first work.
"The Colors Of Hope" is once again an album you have to hear at a stretch. On the opener "Say Who You Are" FETSUM searches for his own identity in a world which to him isn't defined by country's borders and status symbols, but is always full of hope and the belief in the good in mankind. Even when he criticizes the system and its injustice in songs like "Emotional Android" and "Divided By Thoughts" the positive outweighs at all times. With "Egypt", "Homeless & Free" and "Letters From Damascus" FETSUM adds his very personal stories and tales to this brilliant piece of work. There's rarely music coming out so intimate and life-affirming at the same time. All the more it's recommended to enter the world of FETSUM and to draw hope from his beautiful songs. This voice will find its audience. There's no hope for that - but certainty.

Tracklist :
1. Say Who You Are
2. One People
3. Trials of Time
4. Emotional Android
5. Divided By Thoughts
6. Egypt
7. Homless & Free
8. Letters From Damascus
9. Waitin' for You
10. Queen of My Heart
11. Birth of a River


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