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Origine du Groupe : Canada
Style : Alternative
Sortie : 2005

By Denise Sheppard from http://www.amazon.com

After the release of Esthero's heralded 1998 disc Breath from Another, the Toronto singer seemed to have an open road of opportunities ahead of her. Breath soared on people's best-of lists, allowing Esthero the chance to collaborate with everyone from the Black Eyed Peas and Mos Def to Sugar Ray. Her future seemed filled with long-term opportunity and promise. Strangely, however, after that bright burst, the singer all but disappeared. Aside from the occasional guest performance, it was seven years of curious silence. For being such a talented singer-songwriter--one deeply influenced by Nina Simone, Saul Williams, and Burt Bacharach--her jazzy, sultry, hip-hop grooves were timely, yet strangely absent. Finally, with Wikked Lil' Girls and its first single, "We R in Need of a Musical Revolution," the silence wasn't just broken, it was blown wide open. An acerbic, beat-driven track, the song unapologetically attacks the current state of pop music ("I'm so sick and tired of the s#@! on the radio") rightfully and righteously. The disc then shifts from uptempto timeless pop ("Every Day Is a Holiday," featuring Sean Lennon) to sexy downtempo ("Beautiful Lie") and then to a later section of slow songs and smooth jazz--a fluid rollercoaster of sound. The final song, "Dragonfly's Outro," is a gorgeous, float-on-clouds track with horns sampled from '80s soundtrack legend Bill Conti. Mixing up vocal styles, interesting samples, and great contemporary beats, it shows how great Esthero can be at her best--an amalgamation of many influences and her own talented, wikked ways.



Tracklist :
 1 We R in Need of a Musical Revolution
 2 Dragonfly's Intro
 3 Blanket Me in You (Never Is So Soon)
 4 Everyday Is a Holiday (With You)
 5 Thank Heaven 4 You
 6 If Tha Mood
 7 Bad Boy Clyde
 8 Beautiful Lie
 9 Junglebook
10 My Honeybrown
11 Wikked Lil' Grrrls
12 Gone
13 My Torture
14 Melancholy Melody
15 Fastlane
16 Dragonfly's Outro
17 Brave Bear Woman



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