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Origine du Groupe : France , V.A
Style : Alternative Fusion , Afro-beat / Hip Hop / Psychédélique
Sortie : 2012

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By Matthew Forss  from http://insideworldmusic.blogspot.fr

Doctor L is a fusion fellow with roots in Ireland, France, and Africa. The latter country is of utmost importance for his latest release, The Great Depression. Doctor L incorporates soothing downtempo hooks, a punch bass line, afro-beat funk, and world voicings into the mix. Various artists are captured on the album, including The Nairobi Descendants, Vodoo John, Allonymous, Tony Allen, Asa, Kiala Nzavotunga, Unknown Poets, David Walters, and Antibalas. The remarkable repertoire is heavily influenced by jazz, funk, improvisation, and global beat music with various languages spoken and numerous instruments make rhythms from all corners of the world. The upbeat, modern arrangements contain a variety of vocal samples, rock-driven segments, and funkadelic tunes that are so hot they melt the CD player...figuratively, of course. A plethora of male and female vocals, spoken word, rap, electronic noises, and mesmerizing arrangements put this album to the top of any global music chart with ease.

Tracklist :   
1. Mistery Travels [05:26]
2. 2 Your Bones (feat. Tony Allen) [04:28]
3. Activista (feat. Martin Perna) [03:21]
4. Empty & Round [03:41]
5. By Surprise (feat. Tony Allen) [04:30]
6. Emergency [06:14]
7. In the Words (feat. Allonymous) [05:33]
8. Total Chaos (feat.Asa) [05:29]
9. Disapointed [05:34]
10. Vocal Kidnaping [05:52]
11. Misery (feat. David Walters) [06:02]
12. Family of Fear (feat. Antibalas) [05:17]


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