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Origine du Groupe : France , Ireland
Style : Alternative Fusion
Sortie : 2011

From http://www.colored-inc.com

Doctor L's new album is once again different!
Rather than classify it simply as music, the performer use sound to express feelings he cannot put into words. He's free, free to use sound in any style he may conceive, free to avoid the obligations of any debt to the rules of standard harmony or anything that has gone before him in music. He's free to observe these rules or break them.
Open Window is a walk through the musical universe. It explores new areas, plunges into territories never before investigated, says whatever it pleases without being concerned staying in any one musical bag.
Open Window is a lifestyle, it is beyond category. The sources of its words and music span the centuries. Its concept and interpretations are timeless and boundless. If its contribution can be summarized in a phrase, 'Open Windows' is the sound of now, encompassing all the yesterdays and all the todays in the limitless cosmos of sound.

Tracklist :
01. Moving On - feat. Dom Farkas
02. So Many People Must Save Us - vocals by Doctor L
03. The World Is Leaking - vocals by Doctor L
04. A Factory Working Day - vocals by Doctor L, backing by Dom Farkas
05. A Hole In Your Soul - vocals by Doctor L, backing by Dom Farkas
06. Stone After Stone- vocals by Doctor L, backing by Dom Farkas
07. Cosmic Flow- vocals by Doctor L
08. 9 Below Zero- vocals by Doctor L
09. Control- vocals by Doctor L
10. The Irish Freedom Song- vocals by Doctor L
11. Still Using Guns- vocals by Doctor L




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