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Note :



Origine du groupe : Brazil

Style : World Music , Groove, Soul, Funk , Bossa Nova

Sortie : 1975

Tracklist :

1. Kilariô
2. a vida em seus métodos diz calma
3. aceito tudo
4. conformópolis
5. má-lida
6. sementes
7. penalonga
8. minha estrela
9. se o mundo acabasse em mel
10. alma gêmea
11. joão
12. indecisão


One of the classics of the Odeon era in Brazil, a samba-funk nugget that's brimful of sunny, funky tracks. Arrangements are by Hermeto Pascoal, another musical genius from Brazil, and the mix of funky horns and electric keyboards doesn't get too much in the way of the acoustic guitar and viola on the tracks which are definitely half-way between brazilian funk-soul and MPB.
The heavy groove is present all the way through, without getting too formulaic or being a mere imitation of the American sound —so don't pass this unique record, right on time for the warmer days!
Enjoy it!
by Greg
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