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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Blues Rock
Sortie : 2001

Deborah Coleman detected a void in the music stratum and successfully filled it: A lead guitarist/vocalist playing the in the male dominated world of blues-rock. Others like Bonnie Raitt and Marie Muldaur have contributed to varying degrees in the contemporary blues scene (and other styles) but Coleman with her string of five consistently strong albums in only seven years demonstrates that she is serious about her craft and knows her calling as a blueswoman. Livin' on Love combines slow-grind blues pieces, R&B and gutsy rockers with a soulful voice and exemplary guitar playing proving that she's here to stay, not merely passing through.

by Dave Sleger for http://www.cduniverse.com

Tracklist :
1. Livin 'On Love 3:49
2. You're With Me 3:32
3. Light Of Day 3:41
4. Memory Lane 4:08
5. Crazy 3:54
6. Bending Like A Willow Tree 3:51
7. Happy When You're Unhappy 4:32
8. Don't Talk In My Sleep 4:01
9. Heaven's Got The Blues 3:32
10. Torn In Two 3:32
11. Deserted Highway 4:22



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