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Origine du Groupe : U.K
Style : Progressive Rock , Pop Rock
Sortie : 1977

By Brett Simpson from http://www.amazon.com

This was the album that nearly made Mason an outright star. It still didn't quite happen, but it definitely should have. The three charting singles - "So High", the title cut and "We Just Disagree" (His only major hit) are all highlights, but you can get all of those on "Long Lost Friend". The remainder of the material, particularly the self-penned songs are just as strong and make this one of his best efforts - not quite up to the all-conquering power of "Alone Together" but pretty close.

It is a softer album, with a lot of accoustic guitars, and fantastic vocal harmonies, but it also has a lot of energy and passion. Mason's skills as a singer, writer and guitarist are too often overlooked, so don't let his undeservedly low profile keep you from discovering some of the finest pop/rock of the 70s.

Tracklist :
1. So High (Rock Me Baby And Roll Me Away) (Mentor Williams, Jack Conrad)
2. We Just Disagree (Jim Krueger)
3. Mystic Traveler (Dave Mason)
4. Spend Your Life With Me (Angeleen Gagliano)
5. Takin’ The Time To Find (Dave Mason)
6. Let It Go, Let It Flow (Dave Mason)
7. Then It’s Alright (Dave Mason)
8. Seasons (Angeleen Gagliano)
9. You Just Have To Wait Now (Dave Mason)
10.What Do We Got Here? (Jim Krueger)



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