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Origine du Groupe : France
Style : Abstract Electro , Ambient , Abstract Hip Hop
Sortie : 2012

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From http://cyesm.bandcamp.com
Cyesm creates and programs music since 1998. His music crosses the paths of both acoustic and electronic materials. He performs within different styles of Music and makes them merge in what could be referred to as "Contemporary Electronic Symphony"

Cyesm also composes for movies and advertisement, as producer and sound engineer.

"Cyesm wants to make something ambitious, bigger than life itself."

Tracklist :
1.Half of a x-ing (overture) 02:18
2.The perfect track 03:42
3.About the MOON organization 03:37
4.Cholocate Heart (Feat. Robust) 03:06
5.The chase on The Lodge 02:23
6.Tension on a break 03:07
7.Sy. theme I 01:01
8.Meet me at the pub 03:30
9.No taste 01:13
10.Sidewalk 02:05
11.Gone is a state (Sy. theme II) 02:00
12.About to turn 01:44
13.Surrender 03:38
14.Follow the driver 01:45
15.Where the wood... 03:33
16.That race is done 03:22    
17.HOAX (end titles) 04:27

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