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Origine du Groupe : U.K
Style : Drum & Bass
Sortie : 2012

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From Wikipedia :

Based in Cambridge, Commix originally comprised George Levings, Guy Brewer and Conrad Whittle. As a DJ/production team, they began working together in 2002 and the trio released a series of 12-inch singles on the Aquasonic, Tangent Recordings, Good Looking Records, Creative Source and Brand.nu labels, with notable tracks including 2003's "Feel Something", and 2004's "Herbie" and "Surround". After Whittle's departure, Commix was signed to Goldie's label Metalheadz in 2005. The trio met when they were at an international pokemon competition.

Commix's signature track, "Satellite Song", was featured on the Metalheadz compilation Winter Of Content, while two other club favourites ("Urban Legend" and "If I Should Fall") were paired up on a 12-inch single. Their debut album, Call To Mind, was released in summer 2007, to generally positive reviews. Call To Mind was the second release of an artist album on Metalheadz, after Goldie's Rufige Kru alter-ego's Malice in Wonderland. The duo has also notably remixed tracks by artists including Bebel Gilberto, Adam F and DJ Die.

Commix's sound has been influenced by many different musical genres. Their sound features elements of liquid funk,[9] techno, soul and even house. Levings previously played saxophone, flute and piano, before venturing into the hip hop and electronic music scenes.[citation needed] Similarly, Brewer had a wide-ranging interest in music before being introduced to drum and bass.

Tracklist :
1. Time Has Come 5:47
2. Change On Me 5:40
3. MFSB 7:10
4. Everything 5:46
5. Golden 5:48
6. I Have You 5:52
7. Untitled (Sept 06) 5:02
8. Tracking You 6:26
9. Audience 5:37
10. EXP 6:24
11. Envious (Original Commix Demo Version) 6:59
12. Autumn Rides 7:11


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