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11 mai 2010 2 11 /05 /mai /2010 10:30


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Origine du Groupe : North America

Style : Rap Fusion , Ragga , Hip Hop , Rn'B

Sortie : 2009

Tracklist :
1. Get Focused
2. International f. Beenie Man
3. So Crazy
4. Lock Shit Down f. Talib Kweli
5. Don’t Stop f. Anthony Hamilton
6. Keep Going f. Choklate
7. Comin’ Thru
8. F.O.W.
9. Love’s Gonna Getcha
10. Righteous Way
11. When Will I See You Again f. Elzhi
12. Guns Up f. Damian Marley & Stephen Marley
13. Graff Time
14. Controlled Coincidence f. Kanetic Substance
15. 4 Be Be f. Ming Xia



This is something that I have been waiting on for a loooong time!! Chali was always the prime reason that I enjoyed Jurassic 5 so much and he doesn't disappoint on his second release, this kid is amazing. The rhymes are real tight and so is the level of musicianship. The only reason that I didn't give this 5 stars is because of the cut with Beanie Man (who I can't stand) which was pretty tired (because of Beanie not Chali), and because on the cut with Stephen and Damien Marley...this cut would have been killa if Damien had toasted on it but him and Steve just sing all the way through which was kind of disappointing. Other than that this is a rock solid cd and a great alternative to the violence, sex, pimpin', dealin', druggin', and partying on most of the rap that is out right now. BUY THIS!!!!!...you won't be disappointed.

By M. Hassan

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