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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Reggae , Alternative
Sortie : 2010

From http://easystarrecords.shop.musictoday.com

"Connection... starts with three consecutive fantastically catchy tunes: 'Release Me (The Fear),' 'Better' and 'Take A Chance' and continues the good vibes throughout, showcasing Haley’s pure joy in singing and performing…Haley’s music is a happy, Caribbean-sounding reggae that evokes joy and positivity. His voice... is flawless in its movement within the ranges and gives the listener chills when he harmonizes with himself… [Cas] is an infectious, likable entertainer with a bright smile and personality, who obviously enjoys what he does - and it rubs off on the audience." - LA Daily News

"Connection sounds organic rather than slick, and Haley comes across as someone who is seriously immersed in reggae; not someone who has only a casual interest in reggae and decided to throw in some reggae beats here and there." - All Music Guide

"Cas has got a winning voice and tune sense." - Philadelphia Daily News

Tracklist :
01 - Release Me (The Fear)
02 - Better
03 - Take A Chance
04 - Will I Find
05 - No One
06 - Let It Out
07 - Time & Truth
08 - Counting Stars
09 - Im Free
10 - Here I Come (Ft. Josh Heinrichs Of Jah Roots)
11 - Everyday
12 - Connection
13 - Better (Michael G Easy Star All Stars Remix) (Bonus Track)
14 - Take A Chance (Alternate Version)(Ft. Josh Heinrichs)
15 - Legalize It (Ft. Josh Heinrichs)
15 - Legalize It (Ft. Josh Heinrichs)(Live)




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