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Origine du Groupe : Spain
Style : Ska
Sortie : 2010

By http://www.cdbaby.com

This is one of the more unique ska albums to come along in a great while. Having already established himself in the global ska scene through his band "Red Soul Community", Carlos Dingo takes this "solo" album to new heights. Most times when someone goes solo, they tend to strip down their sound and get all "acousticy" on you...especially in the ska scene, there has been this "one man ska band" sound that has been happening since the late 90's, that I think is getting pretty tiresome. Fear not! Carlos Dingo not only brings you a full band sound for his solo album, but he also blends, what I think is almost perfectly, the atmosphere and sounds of a great and catchy 60's style ska sound, with smooth traditional dual male and female vocals, with the most AWESOME "spaghetti western" auditory motifs I have ever heard someone accomplish and do it justice. Maybe because he hails from Granada Spain, and the western theme runs deep through their veins...
Beyond the feelings of the sounds, the beats and rhythms are right on target for some groovy ska and the instrumentals are hooky enough to hold your interest tight. Ska may not be dangerous, but this record is, cause all you other ska bands better look out! A new sherif is in town and his name is Dingo!

Tracklist :
01. Intro Radio Pirata
02. Mission Andalucia
03. Hong Kong Gangsters
04. One Feeling
05. Crazy Legs
06. Ride the Ska-Reggae Bike
07. Cocoro
08. Country Man Goes To the City
09. I Know That Road
10. Ska Medicine
11. Across the Space
12. Twelve Years
13. Viejo Velero



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