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Note :






Sortie : 2002

Style : Electro Dub , Downtempo , World , Alternative Fusion , Ambient , Electroacoustic


Tracklist :

1. the candle and the moth (5:42)
2. bade saba (11:33)
3. daylaman (4:12)
4. meykhaneh (5:24)
5. navai (5:18)
6. negara (4:18)
7. gereyley (6:46)
8. hamcho farhad (2:15)


original musicians:
richard horowitz - strings & sample arrangement on #2
reggie workman - acoustic bass
reza derakhshani - tar, setar, kamanche, ney
dawn avery - cello
glen velez - daf
hearn gadbois - zarb
michael harrison - tamboura

additional musicians:
abegasu shiota - electric piano
karsh kale - drums, tabla, programming
bill laswell - bass, synthesizer
zakir hussain - tabla
hamid drake - drums, tabla
aiyb dieng - chatan
abdou mboup - percussion



Reconstruction and mix translation of Sussan's masterwork "Madman Of God" by the legendary musical pioneer, Bill Laswell.
"Shy Angels" is Bill Laswell's reinterpretation of the entire "Madman of God" album, in which Sussan Deyhim presents her uniquely personal reading of divine love poems by Rumi, Saadi and other Persian Sufi masters.


Bill Lashell has taken Sussan Heyhim's brilliant Madman of God album, pushed the finally crafted traditional instrumentation down in the mix, and slapped on top a naff disco drum beat with no sensitivity to the rhythmical comlpexities of the original music and singing. The result is a travisty. Worse still, record stores now only seem to stock this monstrosity, and not the original version. Nevertheless, I urge you to steer well clear of this cd and search out the original.

by John


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