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Note :


Sortie : 2010

Style : New Jazz , Acid Jazz , Electro Jazz , Alternative

Tracklist :

01. Intro
02. The Bellman's Speech
03. The Landing
04. The Hunting
05. The Barrister's Dream
06. Interlude
07. The Beaver's Lesson
08. The Baker's Tale
09. The Banker's Fate
10. The Vanishing
11. Outro


Bajka (prononcez Biker), B. Pluwatsch, est né en Inde de parents allemands, le 25 décembre 1978. On parle de Bajka à la fois en tant que poète et en tant que chanteuse. Actuellement elle vit à Munich en Allemagne. Son parcours est rythmé par les voyages, elle vit tour à tour en Afghanistan, au Népal, au Pakistan, et en Afrique du Sud. Elle fera ses études à Goa, Bangalore, Lagos, au Portugal, à Seattle, Durban, et Capetown.



Bajka, the singer/songwriter with that unique voice - the one you recognize immediately and will never forget... releases her first solo album "Bajka in Wonderland" in 2010 on ChinChin Records. Her name means fairytale in slavic, she was born in India, grew up in South Africa and has been releasing music for almost 15 years, doing feature colabs for artists like Bonobo, Radio Citizen, Beanfield, etc.. Fortunately you can now listen to a remarkable and outstanding musical vision, an album with eleven tracks! This was made possible through the coóperation with the producer and composer team Daniel Regenberg and Jerker Kluge, both profiled Jazz musicians with a long list of projects and recordings of their own, with the capacity to organise a production of such an outstanding project.

The theme of the 11 piece Jazz album is derived from " The Hunting of the Snark", a classic book of poems written by Lewis Caroll, author of"Alice in Wonderland". The musicians wrote a song for every chapter of the poem, covering the essence of the whole opus.

The core group is Bajka (vocals), Daniel (piano,rhodes) and Jerker (double bass).The lyrical and musical theme is a metapher for the sub conscious search of subjective happiness in life. This, supported by the superb drummer Philipp Bernhardt and played in a jazzy way, adding funk, hip hop, latin, soul and a superb string quartet and horn section (flutes and saxes), additionally contributes to the ageless,dreamlike quality of this unique release. The enchanting cover and booklet artwork was created by Chiara and Bajka.

By deriving these lyrics and composing their very own theme with this creative orchestration, they´ve created an outstanding "album". You can listen to it from start to finish,following the different moods that are evoked by the music while enjoying the whole recording as a coherent work of art. This is an album in the classical meaning, a timeless piece of artwork that stands up for itself with its unique style.


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