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Origine du Groupe : Canada
Style : Abstract Hip Hop , Abstract Jazz , Experimental
Sortie : 2011

By from http://brushvox.com

Actually thought their name is The Odd Trio, it seems I was wrong. And I admit it when I’m fucking up things. For God sake I’m not perfect. Yet. :evil: I’m willing to improve myself.

BadBadNotGood are back with another free EP, can grab it from their Bandcamp page or via Mediafire. Matt Tavares on piano, Alex Sowinski on drums and Chester Hansen on bass are three talented guys from Toronto and they plays smooth, but groovy modern jazz balancing between classic aromas and post-bop flavors. Experimental, still classy charming, smooth and exciting. Something absolutely nice to listening to. It’s quite an unique blending of traditional jazz and avant-garde experimentation, improvisations. Absolutely fresh and sparking.


Tracklist :
1.Based Is How You Feel Inside 01:22
2.Fall In Love 04:11
3.Improvised Jam 03:54
4.Mass Appeal / Transmission 04:51
5.I Got A Bad Feeling About This 00:07
6.Salmonella 01:47
7.Freedom / Billium Evans (Prod. Seeds of Yaris) 05:17
8.The World Is Yours / Brooklyn Zoo 06:22
9.Listeriosis 04:14    
10.Camel 03:04    
11.Title Theme / Saria's Song / Song Of Storms 09:34    
12.Outro / Glasper 01:53



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