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Origine du Groupe : U.K
Style : Rock Funk , Alternative Rock
Sortie : 1973

By Jonathan Margolis  from http://www.amazon.com

I was recently "relieved" of my CD collection and am now starting to rebiuld. I am starting with my favorite "First Base", by Babe Ruth. I bought this album almost twenty years ago, and I can't get along without it. To me, the song "Wells Fargo" is one of the best songs I have EVER heard (and I've heard a lot!). I've never heard a song that says "crank me up as loud as your stereo will go, rattle the windows and dance till you collapse!" like that song. Hahn's vocals, Shacklock's guitar, and oh, that saxaphone! I love the way that song fades into the quiet brilliance of "Runaway", which proves, along with "King Kong","Joker", and "The Mexican" That this was a band of true musicianship, versatility, and depth. It's a pity that this band never got it's due, but I'm glad that I know about arguably the best kept secret in Rock and Roll, Babe Ruth.

Tracklist :
1. Wells Fargo (6:17)
2. The Runaways (7:27)
3. King Kong (6:44)
4. Black Dog (8:03)
5. The Mexican (5:49)
6. Joker (7:43)



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