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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Folk , Pop
Sortie : 2009

What a start to the year Asobi Seksu are having! Not content with releasing the incredible ‘Hush’ album and undertaking a mammoth tour, they slip in a low key release to boot, talk about keen. ‘Acoustic At Olympic Studios’ isn’t technically a full release, it’s only available at the bands shows and the One Little Indian website so truthfully this is a release specifically for the initiated.

I’d heard about this a while before I received it and have to say that I was sceptical on the whole. Asobi Seksu acoustic? How would that work? Considering the first two albums are chocker full of multi-layered guitars and the newly released ‘Hush’ is awash with big sounds and sugar coated production it wouldn’t work, would it? The answer is yes and no, the band sound great but you are left wondering whether some of these tracks really suit the acoustic mould.

It takes a while to acclimatise yourself to the contrast in sound, tracks like ‘Familiar Light’ and ‘Walk On The Moon’ that usually soar into the echelons are now condensed and fragile, exhibiting a different side to their persona. ‘Gliss’ and ‘Blind Little Rain’ work well as acoustic numbers, Yuki’s haunting vocals are perfectly suited to the minimal arrangements. The acoustic element allows the music room to breath and the listener to explore aspects perhaps unavailable previously. My only issue is with the BIG songs that somehow seem incomplete without the wall of sound accompaniment, they feel like they are built to reach that crescendo so when they don’t it’s slightly frustrating.

For the unfamiliar ‘Acoustic At Olympic Studios’ will not endear you to the band and would obviously be a bad place to start. For fans of ‘Hush’ this serves as ideal accompaniment that should be sought out and persevered with.

by The Music Fix

Tracklist :
01. Breathe Into Glass
02. Walk On The Moon
03. Meh No Mae
04. New Years
05. Blind Little Rain
06. Urusai Tori
07. Suzanne
08. Gliss
09. Familiar Light
10. Thursday



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