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Origine du Groupe : Canada
Style : Indie Rock , Folk Rock
Sortie : 2007

By Stacey Anderson from http://www.spin.com

As Gloria Estefan (and probably Nostradamus) predicted, the rhythm is gonna get us all. It's certainly got a grip on this Latin-soaked side project of Broken Social Scene guitarist Andrew Whiteman. National Anthem of Nowhere is a vivacious sampling of cultures and a swinging leap from his somber, lo-fi 2004 debut, Folkloric Feel. White-man recombines mambo, Americana, and mesmerizing BSS-style rock with infectiously rambling results -- check the flamenco strings of "¡Rafaga!" and the primal polyrhythms of "My Sword Hand's Anger." It's the sound of indie rock ready to embrace the world.

Tracklist :
1. "My Sword Hand's Anger"
2. National Anthem of Nowhere
3. Naked & Alone, The
4. Haul Away
5. Cheap Like Sebastien
6. ¡Rafaga! - (Spanish)
7. Chances Are
8. Rent Boy Goes Down, A
9. Fast Pony for Victor Jara
10. Justine, Beckoning
11. Jimmy Scott Is the Answer
12. NoNoNo

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