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Alexandrina Hristov' musical style too hard to define, but falls between acoustic pop, modern rock, alternative, jazz and soul, with innovations in the composition and lyrics. Alexandrina often appears on stage with a band instrument, but she supports his voice-piano recital in the formula. Regarding his musical preferences, Tori Amos has prevailed, which shares features such as sensitivity and versatility of voice, to play the piano virtuosity and lyrical sensitivity. Her first album is called "Om de Lut" (Man of Clay), and was released in Romania on April 9, 2009, representing a collection of songs old and new.

Alexandrina (real name: Alexandrina Hristov), is a singer/songwriter and painter from the Republic of Moldova. Her first single, “Fata merge pe jos,” took the Romanian charts by storm in 2006. With her original style and great vocals, Alexandrina has gathered a strong fan base, even before the release of her first album. Her musical activity includes shows in small clubs in Bucharest, as well as prime-time TV appearances. Alexandrina writes and performs in Romanian, Russian and French. Her first album is "Om de lut" (2009).

par vishtaspa

Origine du Groupe : Romania
Style : Alternative Fusion , Nu-Jazz , Trip Hop
Sortie : 2009

Tracklist :
01. Printre Flori (3:03)
02. De Cand Am Plecat (4:01)
03. Undeva (3:48)
04. Om de Lut (4:19)
05. Roule Taxi (2:46)
06. Femei Dietetice (4:40)
07. Noi 2 (4:17)
08. Numai Tu (3:27)
09. Fata Merge Pe Jos (3:09)
10. 1 2 3 (3:53)
11. La Russe (4:04)
12. Maria (de Leagan) (1:57)
13. Numai Tu (Remix Dan Handrabur) (3:29)



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