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Took from rap better and it reembodied. However, this new music it is equal as rap, it is so created for the life: it is possible to listen to it, when you go, you lie, you sit, you will go. It can be background, it is possible to listen to it, it is possible to listen to it, and it is possible to design for it, being in any mood. Within the framework resources about rap we consider “by a whisper”, of course, not as something that connected with this rap itself, but as simply good music.

Text possesses not semantic fullness, but fullness by the symbols, which in the head of each will outgrow already by its own associations, thoughts and interpretation. From the other side, it cannot be said that the song of Alexander - this continuously symbolism. In them many sufficiently simple phrases without the dual bottom, which exactly in the context of music acquire their intricate nuances. This music not for those, who love, when all present to them on the saucer, and not for those, who never took into the hands volume with the verses.

The absence of some strict movement to canons, generally something strict gives, at long last, the possibility to be weakened and to cease to analyze and to compare (only if you are the conservative fan of his past turn of creation). Here [Borovik] - free artist. It, as El Salvador they gave, strings means after the means in the limits of one work, creating the fabric, which is deprived of any framework, its linen is limitless.

The amplitude of the fluctuations of mood, manner of performance, arrangement is not great, canvas for this work one. Sensations from one track smoothly overflow into the sensations from another. In the life there are no sharp passages from one aspect to another, so and [Borovik] it must be perceived in the totality.
Thoughts about the success of rhymes (about the rhymes as a whole) practically do not appear. The author rather is similar to the actor, than to the musician. “In a whisper” it obeys as radio performance. From a number of its passages of ant they run along the skin, and is created impression, that some lines could not be written otherwise as on the elbows or in the assaults of fury. And, it seems, in this play main heroine - music.

You listen to and you begin to envy to this freedom from [skilzov], this determination to accept itself as such, such as you exists. Volney [Borovika] perhaps that wind. And this ease of passage of one state to another is definitely transferred to listener and gives to it, in addition to the impressions, feelings and pleasure, the new point of view. Especially if thus far listener could not be abstracted from rap or could not understand that music - this, first of all, skill.

the author: Maria [Leskova]

Origine du Groupe : Russia
Style : Folk , Rap
Sortie : 2010

01. Новый
02. Шёпотом
03. Вдохновение
04. Нет никого ближе
05. Белый шум
06. Не убежать
07. Катя
08. В бетонных склепах
09. Исповедь
10. Трамплин
11. Кривой эфир
12. Верить в чудо



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