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I was born and raised in the bush of Tanzania, Africa. He moved to the city, Dar es Salaam, when he was 13 and started playing professional soccer at 15. I played Soccer all over the world: Tanzania, Djibouti, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, France, Holland, Japan, and the United States. After retiring from playing soccer, I ended up in Seattle, Washington. Here I coach a Youth Select Soccer Team and design, manufacture, and sell soccer uniforms and gear to teams and individuals around the world.

I have always played music since I was a kid, because when you are a bush man, you have to sing and play beats to yourself to keep entertained. In the bush when I was a kid I had no radio or TV. All my life I have been making music in my head.

In 1999, I had the chance to produce an album for "Cool James" Dandu. Also known as Mtoto wa Dandu. The Album was called "CJ Massive: African Most Wanted" and was a big hit in East Africa and in African communities around the world. Sadly, Cool James was killed in a car crash in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Myself and all Tanzanians miss his musical talent. But he inspired me to continue to create music.

This year I have begun putting together my own album. I am going to call this album "Never Before" because it’s a new style of music never heard before.

Note :

Tracklist :
 01 One Love is the Law 04:34
02 Maza Africa 05:15
03 Whos the Real Cowboy 04:48
04 Like Me 04:31
05 Never Before 04:46
06 Its Me Again Jah 04:18
07 Malaika 04:19
08 Zuwena 04:57
09 Love is the Only Thing I Got 05:02
10 Nairobi 03:28
11 Be My Wifey Wifey 04:24
12 Babu Kaju 04:46
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