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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Funk , Soul
Sortie : 2004

By http://m-depo.blogspot.com

Funky solo work from Alan Evans of Soulive - a set of tunes that still really keeps the core funky sound of Soulive in place, but which seems to be going for more of a 70s feel overall! Evans sings and plays a bit of keyboards in addition to his usual strong work on drums - and he's working in a core trio with bass and guitar, plus additional guest instrumentation on some tracks, in a range that includes flute, alto, percussion, and Fender Rhodes. There's a stripped-down feel to the record that's totally great - and which is a nice departure from some of the overstated work of Soulive in recent years - a mode that lets Evans get back to the grooves that inspired him, and lay them out perfectly


Tracklist :   
1. Do It Again
2. Break It Down
3. Let It Ride
4. Are You With Me
5. Hot N'greezy
6. Un Ha
7. Welcome To The World
8. What The People Say
9. Low Down Low
10. Do It Again (Outro)



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