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Sortie : 2005

Style : Reggae , Alternative, World , Folk


Tracklist :

1. Luna, uspokoj menja

2. Ohon' i ja

3. Nemaje kul'

4. Morjachok

5. It's over now

6. Polovina menja

7. Novyj den'

8. Netu doma, netu flaha

9. Ono

10. My odno

11. Eto tebe

12. Ty takaja

13. Natjani…

14. Zholtaja

15. Solnce

16. Ej, gde ty?


A new album of 5'nizza ("Friday") is carried off in the best traditions. That is, musicians use minimum instruments – but with maximum means of their usage. As a result, "O5" does not resemble a transparent monotonous vodka. Most likely, it resembles a dress of a usual average harlequin who in his turn cannot be usual and average already by its definition. Pieces of fabric, languages, styles and trends, manners of performance, words. Pieces of fabric, different by form, size, colour, content and the way of processing – all of them are laced with one thread, in which two voices and one guitar are skilfully interlaced. It is exactly this thread that turns out to be the main dramatic persona. After all, one may say that this music personifies a real minimalism. It personifies minimalism, which, thanks to resourcefulness of designers, that is, musicians, does not strike your eyes at all. A detailed elaboration of this ornamental pattern commands respect – it seems that the material has been handled scrupulously. Well, it is more pleasant and interesting to listen to this album because of that. Anton

by Jozhik Lejba (Hedgehog)


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