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Origine du Groupe : U.k
Style : Electro-Jazz , Electronic , Downtempo , Hip Hop
Sortie : 2007

By  Olukayode Balogun  from http://www.amazon.com

This 4hero release definitely has more soul and jazz than any previous ones but they haven't abandoned their jungle, drum & bass and break beat roots entirely. The result is an album that goes in many different directions, covers a lot of ground but still manages to sound cohesive and consistent. I believe this is the best 4hero release yet.

Vocally there's a lot on offer too - straight ahead singing, spoken word, rap - and again, it all fits together very nicely. I hear influences from the 80s, hints of Roy Ayers and I was even reminded of M.F.S.B.

Highlights include: The thumping, orchestral opener, "Morning Child", featuring Carina Andersson; "Look Inside", featuring FACE; the slow, sweeping, soulful "Give In", featuring vocals by Darien Brockington and rap & additional vocals by Phonte of Little Brother (Again?! That's the third time in less than two weeks!! I definitely have to get my Little Brother CDs soon!); the jazzy samba-esque title track (written old-time Donald Byrd/Alphonse Mouzon collaborator, Larry Mizell), featuring "original" vocals by Talita Long & Larry Mizell with "additional" vocals by Dego & Kaidi Tatham (this is the song that reminds me of Roy Ayers); "The Awakening", with spoken word written and performed by Ursula Rucker; the gorgeous instrumental "Sophia" (this is the song that reminds me of M.F.S.B.); the jazzy instrumental "Why Don't You Talk?", featuring a scorching saxophone solo by Jason Yarde; the bouncy "Bed Of Roses", featuring former Shalamar girl Jody Watley; and the much too short closer, "Dedication To The Horse", with its wailing guitar work by Dave Okumu.

The controversial Stevie Wonder cover, "Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You?)" is okay (I like the second half of the song a lot more than the first) but nothing special. Vocally and instrumentally, the song seems to travel the exact same path as the original, note for note. I've always believed that if you're brave enough to want to do a Stevie song on your album, you'd better be ready to do something new and exciting with it otherwise your efforts will end up sounding like a pale imitation. I say it again: it's a good attempt, it shows what a good singer Terry Devos is and if you don't have the original version, you might love it. Personally, I just don't feel it adds anything to the album and it could've stood tall and proud quite easily without it.

Overall, I think this album will appeal to broadminded jazz and soul lovers alike and if you like people like Incognito or Zero 7 (or Agent K, Silhouette Brown or Bruno E, I'm reliably informed), then you'll really get into this. Totally satisfying and highly recommended.

Tracklist :
01. Morning Child (feat. Carina Anderson)
02. Take My Time (feat. Jack Davey)
03. Look Inside (feat. Face)
04. Sink Or Swim (feat. lady alma)
05. Give In (feat. Darien Brockington And Little Brother)
06. Play With The Changes (feat. Larry Mizell And Talita Long)
07. Something In The Way (feat. Bembe Segue And Kaidi Tatham)
08. Stoke Up The Fire (feat. Face)
09. Awakening (feat. Ursula Rucker)
10. Sophia
11. Superwoman (feat. Terry D)
12. Why Dont You Talk
13. Bed Of Roses (feat. Jody Watley)
14. Dedication To The Horse


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