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Note : +


Sortie : 2009

Style : Trip Hop


Tracklist :

1. Coming Clean (3:47)
2. I'll Be There (4:54)
3. Road To Where? (3:46)
4. Dead Boards (5:40)
5. The Morning After (4:12)
6. The Pinch (4:32)
7. Piano Killer (5:28)
8. Down Mountain (4:06)
9. Ghost Writing (4:36)
10. Dear George (2:19)
11. Since You (6:00)




The 39 Steps aka the collaboration between DJ Kato and vocalist Laura Fowles have produced a very heady, atmospheric sampler here. There's obvious comparison with the trip hoppy sound of Morcheeba and Massive Attack but I'd say that 'Coming Clean' is more at the claustrophobic end of the scale occupied by the lies of the Sneaker Pimps. In fact, I'd even go as far to say that I found this CD a little bit oppressive – it's definitely a winter-type release but I felt the walls slowly coming in on me. Then there was something in the track 'Ghost Writing' – Fowles long drawn out vocal seemingly suffocating the potential for the melody in the track to ever get going at anything more than a steady heartbeat. But whatever you feel, you will definitely feel something after listening to this record, and that is the greatest compliment of all.



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Voili voilou , l'Album au complet !
J'étais vraiment contente de trouver l'album de The 39 steps -juin- sur votre site, malheureusement il est incomplet (seulement 4 chansons), pourriez-vous me dire où je pourrais me le procurer?I was so happy to find the 39steps album -june- on your website, unfortunatly some songs are missing, i was wondering if you could tell me where i could find the complete album.Thank you-Merci beaucoupPS : votre site est mon nouveau joyaux, bravo. Your website is my little sunshine, good job
<br /> Désolé ; ceci n'est que l'EP , dès que je récupère l'album , je le mettrai en partage !<br /> Merci de votre compréhension<br /> <br /> <br />