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18 mai 2009 1 18 /05 /mai /2009 23:13

BACK IN!! In the middle of the Indian and the like travelling production, high appraisal was obtained on the basis of the phoneme material which was picked! DUB SHANTI " empty single cutting!! Camel beat (and others it is the [ku], the kind of rhythm which you walk) with, developing the world where the original which is named it covered exquisite electronic sound in the ethnic element, is updated completely. In addition as for [rimitsukusu] due to the GORO and also Inoue Kaoru thing CHARI CHARI which is active with FINAL DROP, the floating impression [tobi] which arpeggio [shinse] and the crystal acoustic space which keep penetrate [rongutoritsupu] [chiyun] which reaches to nearly 11 minutes which bring awakening softly!! Kaoru's here recent Inoue beat feeling is worldwide level completely.

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