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Review by Blak's Lair
Mini-album and prologue to the forthcoming second album from young trackmaker Eccy, this release features collaborations with female singer Predawn, renowned trip-hop vocalist Aco, and rap group Kakato (Tamaki Roy and Chinza Dopeness). Certain to please fans of both hip-hop and electronica alike, Eccy's sound is sometimes reminiscent of the experimentality of early Prefuse 73, and sometimes the chilled refinement of Jazzanova.

Next-gen producer Eccy creates turbulent yet mellow hip-hop tracks, incorporating elements of everything from electronica to postrock. He started making beats while in high school, and burst onto the underground hip-hop scene in 2007 with the single ULTIMATE HIGH, featuring world-famous MC Shing02, and a few months later released his first album, Floating Like Incense. In 2008 he provided live support and beats for artists such as Haiiro De Rossi and NAGAN SERVER, and performed at several big events such as Fuji Rock Festival.

Discographie :
- Eccy - Floating Like Incense [2007]
- ECCY - Narcotic Perfumer [2009] 

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