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17 avril 2009 5 17 /04 /avril /2009 17:53

 menuda coincidencia "perspectivas": Play in Popup | Download

 menuda coincidencia "sin enganche":  Play in Popup | Download

Download: Menuda Coincidencia - "Ai con Permisito" (ZIP-Archive)
Release: Menuda Coincidencia - "Ai con Permisito"
Netlabel: Delhotel Records

Oh, this one is fresh! Straight from Mexico Hip Hop-Group Menuda Coincidencia delivers us a delicious package full of jazzy loops, a bucket full of trumpets and eight groovy tunes. It's like watching an entertaining cartoon. Or like going down to your favorite jazz club just being knocked down by this bunch of excellent spanish Raps




To be honest, I don't understand spanish at all. To be even more honest, I don't care. Because like in my childhood I like the flow of words, the groove, fat beats and a bunch of crazy rhymes. Back than in my youth I adored Hip Hop without any clue what they talked about...

Back to Delhotel Records and their fantastic Hip Hop-album "Ai con Permisito"...

I guess, Menuda Coincidencia is just a crazy guy, talking about live, making jokes and just enjoying his time on earth. And meanwhile he produces some funky, jazzy loops with juicy hooks and melodic refrains? Why keep so many netlabels us short with information about their artists?

Please don't care as I do, enjoy this Mexican Hip hop fiesta! And welcome in 2009!

PS:  Mexico and the whole sout american continent becomes more and more the new home for extraordinary netaudio tunes.
PPS: Thanks to Christian Grasse for this delicious music treasure box.
PPPS: Hello Netaudio.es, what about an english translation of the lyrics?

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