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Quatrième Opus de cette formation hongroise, cette fois un travail pour une compagnie de théâtre-danse de Budapest. On y retrouve les mêmes ingrédients que les précédents albums, instruments acoustiques (violon, flûte, cornemuse, clarinettes) ainsi que des guitares et de l’échantillonneur. Toujours aussi emprunt aux musiques ethniques avec des chants de gorges d’inspirations asiatiques. Une recherche des racines par des chemins de traverses.

Úzgin Üver was formed in 1991 in Kecskemet, Hungary. The name itself is the name of a Mongolian settlement, where an ancient sacred burial ground was discovered. It means something like ’dry desert area’, ’poor harvest’. Our aim from the beginning has been to create a unique blend of the folk music of different nations, using old and new instruments, sounds and tunes. From the Carpathian Basin to Mongolia, we are working with balkan, turkish, iranian and armenian melodies in our mind. But our songs are not transcriptions, we create our own music. Further influences are jazz and rock, breakbeat and dub, the contemporary and the ancient music equally. The music is almost entirely instrumental, even the human voice is used as an instrument. Some characteristic instruments are: sax, clarinet, different kinds of flute, zurna, kaval, duduk, jew’s harp, bagpipes, violin, drums, percussions, electric guitar, sampler, HD-recorder and Tuva-style vocal.

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