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22 juillet 2011 5 22 /07 /juillet /2011 11:00



Origine du Groupe : Russia
Style : Electro , IDM
Sortie : 2010

By FUGUEFAT from http://fuguefat.blogspot.com

Yet another Russian producer to grace the hallowed pages of my blog! Kind of different from the stuff I usually post, but still really good tunes. I heard about this fella from the collabs he did with Foner.

This is 30[eks]'s third release, titled ThirtyX, and it's an engaging, sprawling, set of 15 ambient IDM tunes. These well-crafted melancholy soundscapes, layered with synthy textures and haunting melodies, are sometimes evocative of artists like Boards of Canada, but ultimately develop a sound of their own.

Not an instant classic by any means, sometimes even flirting with cheesiness, but definitely worth a few listens.

Tracklist :
01. My Lyrical Goddess
02. Fragility
03. High Q
04. Black Capricorn Day
05. You Know What I Want
06. Supersonic Combustion Ramjet
07. Pause !!
08. Select-Start
09. All Kinds Of Things
10. Code 2615118
11. Hold U Tight
12. It's A Good Idea If You Can Pull It Off
13. The Little Lady Of The Big House
14. Twenty Filter Cigarettes
15. Signalize


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