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5 mars 2009 4 05 /03 /mars /2009 13:17

Bugotak - The Taiga man

Bugotak plays Siberian music in a traditional folk basis, but their musical references are so diverse to be classified by genre (let’s call it Siberian Contemporary music). They even dare to cover rock classics, in their traditional Siberian instruments. The main idea of Bugotak’s art is that only those traditions come alive, which develop itselves; stark traditions are subject to nobody. Therefore, the project declares itself to play in any style, keeping native Siberian spirit. Lovers of ‘pure folk’ should stay away, to avoid stagnation of native folk’s culture (...)

Discographie :
Siberian Tales (p)Panfiloff Records, 2005
CD, 12 tracks, 12-page booklet
The Unborn 2004
Coming soon: Coverlar

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